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STBW now offers multiple directories for submission. We recommend Article Dashboard (STBW gets 24-hour approval on all articles) for anyone submitting multiple articles on the same topic or niche.

EzineArticles.com may be the most significant article directory on the Internet. The articles that are submitted via its directory show an immediate impact in regards to the ranking of the Web site that is being promoted. It is without a doubt considered a top tier link that will increase the overall ranking of any Web site that is promoted through this outlet. One of the reasons that Ezine Articles are weighted so heavy is due in large part because of its strict standards, review process and restrictions on exactly how the article is constructed (please see note at bottom of page regarding new guidelines).

Simply the Best Writing’s Ezine Articles writing and submission service makes this a one stop shopping experience for our clients. We write the article and format it to duplicate the exact format that is needed when submitting the article to Ezine. All sections are clearly labeled and it is just a matter of cutting and pasting into the submission tool. This will include the Title, Teaser Copy, Article Body, Keywords and Resource Box.

However, because we recognize that this can be a painstaking process for many business owners who simply do not have the time to dedicate to this task, submission service is included in the pricing. All you have to do is supply us with the author name and we will create the author and publish all of your articles under that pen name. While we will handle the submission process, you will still have final approval before it is submitted. You will receive the articles via email and once we get the okay, they will be immediately submitted. (Please take note that we now offer submission services to Article Dashboard, where we are a premium member receiving 24-hour approval, and GoArticles.)

Ezine Article Pricing

If you are interested in ordering our Ezine Article Writing Service, please fill out the Ezine Articles Customer Order Form. Once completed and submitted, please use the PayPal shopping cart above to pay for your items.

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Take advantage of our Platinum Rating and get your articles submitted and approved quicker.

All articles are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and you will own all copyrights with their purchase. Articles are run through CopyScape to ensure authenticity and DupePro to ensure keyword density. Delivery date of articles is sent the following business day with receipt after payment has been made. If you have an order over 20 articles, please email us or give us a call at 877-345-STBW for an estimated delivery date.

SPECIAL NOTE: EZINE ARTICLES DOES NOT ACCEPT ARTICLES THAT LINK TO A PAGE WITH LITTLE OR NO CONTENT. PLEASE MAKE SURE LINKS PROVIDED ARE BEING DIRECTED TO A CONTENT RICH PAGE. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE SEE THE Ezine Editorial Guidelines Page. Ezine Articles also recently changed their submission guidelines. For this reason, we have now added multiple directories for publishing. Anyone publishing multiple articles on the same thing is advised to use the secondary directories for submissions.

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