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Brand Reputation Management

Whether you are operating strictly online or using your website as an informational platform for potential customers, the website itself will only take you so far. Once potential customers do a search and settle on one or several businesses, their next move is generally to check online reviews. Even though these consumers do not personally know the reviewers, their words carry a LOT of weight, and that is something you cannot ignore.

Businesses that publish reviews, accept feedback, and respond to reviews are deemed more trustworthy by shoppers. It makes consumers feel as though there is a ‘real’ person behind the business. That ‘trust factor’ makes them more confident when they finally decide to make a purchase. STBW’s brand reputation management will not only generate more reviews, but also help avert and address negative experiences before a bad review is posted online.

Positive reviews will help boost your online reputation as well as your Google ranking.


STBW offers three price points for our Brand Reputation Management service:

  • $200/month, billed on first day of service, no contract
  • $175/month, billed on first day of service, yearly contract
  • $1,750 paid upfront for a one-year contract

Before signing up for this service, we always like to consult with our clients to ensure this service is a good fit for their business. We also want to make sure you fully understand the role you will need to play, albeit a limited one, in order to ensure the success of this service.

To schedule your brand reputation consultation with Simply the Best Writing, please email us at or give us a call at 877-345-STBW. We are also available for chat via Skype throughout the day (@STBWriting).