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Project Description

North Texas Luxury Living is a Frisco-based luxury realtor servicing Dallas, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Irving, and most surrounding areas. While the company did have an existing Facebook page, the online presence of the company was virtually non-existent. The original website design lacked proper SEO and the ad campaigns needed better focus.

Business Owner Needs:

  • develop on an online presence from scratch
  • daily postings on Facebook featuring new listings
  • revamp AdWords campaign
  • set up and establish Facebook leads campaign
  • property tour videos and slideshows

Services Provided:

  • overhauling website for SEO
  • monthly social media service
  • AdWords advertising
  • Facebook fan advertising
  • Facebook leads advertising

The first step was to do keyword research to see where this company stood in the online world. The site itself is rather complex, as it incorporates a search plug-in that in essence creates a second website within the website. The original developer did a very poor job of SEOing the site and while the original site will be difficult to save in terms of SEO, we are working to get specific keywords ranked.

In addition, we have cranked up the business presence on social media with daily posts featuring local listings. By growing the fan base, we are able to generate more local interest in the business. Gradually, we are seeing more and more posts shared and the fan base climb both organically and with targeted fan ads.

We have also taken over all ad campaigns for the client. NTLL had an existing AdWords campaign, which we retargeted to high-intent prospects. There has also been additional advertising used for both Facebook fans and Facebook leads.

Our team was able to identify a market previously not pursued by the client: rental locations.

Video was incorporated in several different ways. We have taken onsite videos for property tours, created short video commercials, and created a video header for the client Facebook page.

This is still a project in development, as this is a fairly new client, but we are providing daily FB posts, rewriting of content, new content pages, and will eventually create weekly blog posts to share on social media that will target long-tailed keywords for the niche.


Gradually, we are seeing more and more signups generated through both our advertising and social media campaign. As of this writing, we are three months into the project, but the client has had dozens of leads signed up. Several of these leads have already panned out with one finalized closing and one in the works. In addition, we are now seeing a steady flow or rental clients sign up, generating commissions in a previously untapped market for the client.

This case study will be updated as we progress, so stay tuned!