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Why Hiring Freelance Bloggers May be Right for You

How a business works is always changing, and as the world becomes more and more connected through the internet, email, social media and blogs, it is becoming easier for professionals to work remotely and still get the job done. With this increased flexibility of how and where individuals can make a living, more and more people are going into business for themselves and, according to a recent study, almost 55 million US workers have gone into the world of freelancing in this past year alone.

For businesses, this is a huge opportunity to find more people to help out with different facets of their business, no matter where these freelance workers actually live. It is also much easier for freelancers to find work, whether it is steady work or single projects here or there. One area where freelancers may come in handy is by supporting a business’s blog – blogs are a huge part of how small businesses stay connected with their customer base, so having someone create the right content is very important.

Find the Right Writer

There are a lot of websites out there that feature freelance writers and bloggers and serve as posting boards for those individuals looking for work. Some writers will only cover certain topics like beauty bloggers, how-to content writers, or sports writers. Other freelancers will cover any and all topics, given their client provides the correct direction for what the content should be. Either way, there are a number of resources online that help to point businesses and business owners to these posting boards.

Chances are you will find a number of freelance writers that meet the business’s needs, so it is important to make sure you choose wisely. Take a close look at all of their portfolios – this should be simple since many of the posting websites will feature examples of some of the writer’s past work. If there isn’t any past work available to be reviewed, do not be shy about reaching out to the writer directly and asking for examples of his or her work, references of past clients, and even candid client reviews.

Additionally, many of these posting sites will feature reviews from freelancers’ past clients. Good freelancers will have generally positive reviews, but even if the feedback isn’t perfect, it is important to keep in mind it is impossible to please every customer. It is also important to remember those freelancers who have stellar reviews across the board are usually very popular, and chances are they will be busy and possibly not available to handle the work load your business blog requires.

It is also important to think about budget – this is usually a big issue for small businesses. Regardless of what the budget is, make sure to keep in mind cheaper is not always better and paying bottom of the barrel prices may mean getting bottom of the barrel work. Finally, do not be afraid to explore those word-of-mouth recommendations, and check out those freelancers other small businesses in the industry have used and have worked out well for them.

Communicate Effective and Check In Regularly

Once a freelancer has been chosen, make sure to set clear requirements for the work he or she will be doing and provide a detailed, straightforward job description. If you are open to different options for content for the business’ blog, maybe work alongside the freelancers and have them help you shape what the content will be like. Make sure to have these conversations before making an official hire, and have a solid contract for work before the freelancer’s official start date.

When negotiating a contract with a freelance writer, consider some of the following factors:

  • Is the writer’s skill set and portfolio a good fit for your blog’s needs?
  • How will paying the freelancer fit into the business’s cash flow? How will the freelancer be paid – by the word, by the post, a flat weekly rate?
  • What are the deadlines for the projects? What happens when these deadlines are not met, and what are the rights to termination for both you and the freelancer?
  • Who holds the copyright for the content being generated — you, the business, or the writer? If the business or you personally do not own the rights, what are your rights to use that content?

Once all of the negotiation has taken place and the writer has officially been hired, the process of working with them does not stop. While freelancers generally work independently, it is important to make sure to check in with them regularly and keep the communication lines open in case they or you have questions about the content. Having an open communication channel helps to identify problems before they get out of control and helps to clarify any issues before they cause bigger problems.

Overall, having a freelance writer handle a business’s blog content can be a great thing, as long as proper attention to detail is paid to make sure the finished product is right for the business. By looking at a freelancer’s past work, testimonials from clients, and even reviews from those people they have worked for before, it will be easy to find an independent blogger to work for the business – not to mention, it will help to take the pressure off you to create the content and allow you to do what you do best… run your business!

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