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The big challenge for small business owners is trying to figure out exactly what types of posts will work for their specific business. The real answer is that there is no specific type, but rather a mix of different types of posts that will serve a variety of purposes.

There are many different thought processes on what mix works best. To be honest, in the beginning, there will be a lot trial and error in figuring out how much is too much when it comes to pushing your business.

From our perspective, it should not be about pushing the business, but rather creating engagement that will get your page in front of as many readers as possible throughout the week. The more people that see and read your content, the more likely they are to share it organically. The more shares you get, the better chance you have of someone seeing your page that will be interested in your services.

Text Only Facebook Posts

This type of post is about as simple as it gets. It could be random question, observation, or some type of quote. You are strictly looking for interaction with this type of post and nothing more. This is not something we recommend doing every day, but once a week or every other week is great for a change of pace.

In this post, our client merely wanted to introduce a sale to his readers. While the post did not receive any comments, it had an incredible reach, received 41 likes, and 11 shares. In other words, the copy more than did its job about getting the word out to roughly 50 percent of his followers.

Link Posts

This type of post is exactly what it seems… you post a link to your website in the hope of getting readers to click through and actually go to your webpage. You can play with the copy on this type of post to see what works best, and it might take you some time to see what your readers bite on, but that hard work will pay off when you start seeing conversions in the cash register.

The secret to these types of posts is to leave a little mystery in the copy to make them click through to answer the hook.

This post was done for a relatively new client where we are marketing for leads and fans. When we started his page, he had only 64 fans. We were up to about 200 fans at the time of this post and we received an incredible 133 reach, with 12 post clicks.

The hook for this particular post is to check out “one of the most beautiful kitchens I have ever seen.” The overall percentages on this post were off the charts compared to normal conversions and while we are still testing different types of copy, we are already getting a good idea of what will get his fans to click through.

Picture Posts

This could be some type of meme or virtually any type of picture, even if it is unrelated to your business. We generally do these types of posts when we find a funny, non-offensive joke related to a business or when we are building up pages.

For the post above, we were in the early stages of building a fan base for a political news website. For this particular niche, memes work very well to build a fan base simply because they are very shareable. At the time, the page had about 5,000 fans. But, as you can see, the meme had a reach of over 1,500 people, got 38 reactions, and 11 shares. While I would have liked that share number to be a little higher, the reach was incredible.

With the new Facebook algorithm for political sites, you are generally lucky to have 1-2 percent of your fan base seeing any one post, so to have about 30 percent of them to see a post was remarkable.

Video Posts

We do these types of posts as commercials for a business and while I do not generally recommend boosting posts (something we will address in another post), boosting videos is usually money well spent. The goal here is to create interactions in the way of views. You have a message and you want people to see it.

We are going back to our Training Wheels client for this type of post, as we have created several videos for the company and they have always done remarkably well. This video was 15 seconds in length and received over 1,300 10-second views. With the video being seen just over 1,500 times, that means the bulk of those watching it watched it through the very end to see his business tout.

Now, there is no all-purpose mix for any page. What works and does not work will depend upon your particular fans. Making a variety of posts and constantly managing the data is how you will be able to figure out the most effective posts and how often they should be made.

If your head is swimming in facts and data, don’t get discouraged. Most business owners have no idea how much work goes on behind the scenes for an effective social media campaign to build their brand. However, using a company like Simply the Best Writing enables you to spend your time where you can be most effective… running your business.

If you are ready to take your online presence to the next level, give us a call at 877-345-7829 or email us (info@simplythebestwriting.com) to discuss your business and how STBW can help.

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