What is Pinterest?

The online world allows us to find nearly anything we want by typing relevant words into a small box on a search engine. We can share information with people around the world without having to leave our desk chair. The mind boggles at the power we can wield through the Internet as consumers and business owners. Pinterest is one tool that allows us to expand our personal and professional networks with little effort.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is classified as an online pinboard that allows users to organize and share items they find on the Web. Consumers use pinboards to plan weddings, do interior decorating, organize meals, and much more. Business owners use Pinterest to connect with their target audience. By revealing common links, these virtual pinboards connect people throughout the world.

Not only can people create their own pinboards, they can browse pinboards that others have created. This is a great way for anyone to get inspiration or discover new things. The browsing feature is an excellent businesses tool because it allows prospective customers to find a product or service. By incorporating images and videos into its pinboard, a business provides prospective customers with visuals of its offerings.

How to Use Pinterest?

To get started with Pinterest, you must request an invite on the Pinterest website or from a current user. Then, connect through Twitter or register using Facebook Connect. If you know someone who uses Pinterest, you can request an invite from that person. The Pinterest website features a detailed help section covering everything from getting started to pin etiquette.

Each image added to Pinterest is called a pin. Pins can be added from websites using the Pin It button or they can be uploaded from a computer. Businesses should add the Pin It button to their company site because when pinned, this button will link back to their site. Pinterest users may add an unlimited number of pins to create a board about any topic.

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