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A blog is an interactive website that features entries from an author who is called a blogger. It provides the blogger with an online space to relay stories, offer opinions and thoughts about subjects the individual is familiar with, and provide graphics including videos and photos. For a business owner, a blog is a great way to inform customers and prospects of new offerings and develop professional relationships through comments.

The Most Popular FREE Blogging Sites

Free sites for blogging offer entrepreneurs a no-cost way to enhance their business. However, not all sites are created equal so business owners should know which are best and how to distinguish one free site from another. WordPress and Blogger are most highly recommended by the experts and they provide bloggers with much control over features, posts, and commenting.

WordPress is well-organized and has a business feel to it, while Blogger offers a more highly designed, colorful interface. With WordPress, new bloggers should be prepared to devote time to learning about the available tools. Blogger offers the same tools but in a less intimidating manner. WordPress and Blogger both offer an wide array of free templates with which users can experiment. In addition, WordPress has a significant amount of premium themes through various vendors that can be purchased. Analytics functions are built into the dashboards of both sites.

More FREE Blogging Sites

Tumblr is the choice of many bloggers who post more design-based content than text. It is suitable for micro and beginning bloggers, but the highly-graphical interface could require some adjustment time. Despite this, the site is designed to get a new blogger posting within just minutes. Blog design and maintenance are simplified, so even inexperienced users will be able to post photography and artwork within a short time.

Posterous also features a short ramp-up time for new and microbloggers. Design and maintenance processes are simplified at the cost of some controls offered by WordPress and Blogger. A unique feature of Posterous is the ability to make blog posts from any mobile device, email account, or via text message. Posterous also syncs well with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well as blogs managed on other platforms.

Online entrepreneurs should explore these free blogging sites and learn more about the distinguishing features of each. Creating an account does not require much more than establishing a user name and a password. After taking a test drive of these blogging sites, business owners will know which one best meets their needs.

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