Social Media Marketing—Getting Your Business Noticed on Twitter

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Tweet, Tweet…do you hear that? It is the sound of Twitter calling your business. This social networking site has become an excellent way for a business to get noticed online. Small businesses face a huge amount of competition these days and setting your company apart from the rest requires some creative techniques. Twitter may be just the tool to get your customers “tweeting” your benefits!

Top Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs should follow several guidelines when using Twitter to build awareness. Before uttering a single Tweet, do some research. Find out what the competition is doing and come up with something unique. Look for inspiration from how other industries are using Twitter. An interesting angle will distinguish your company, harnessing the power in numbers that social networking through Twitter provides.

Social media is designed for engagement. Reaching out to the target audience is the first step in developing relationships. When those people tell others about their experiences and retweet the valuable information you provide in tweets, the visibility of your business increases. Regularly engage with key influencers in the market sector but be careful not to overtweet or you could be viewed as annoying.

Value is the key component of effective social media. Followers must feel like they are regularly receiving something of value. One way to be valuable is to be helpful to target audiences. Provide tips and methods that relate to your products or services, positioning yourself as an expert and making company offerings the best solutions to their problems. Reward Twitter followers with discounts and other special offers that they cannot find anywhere else.

Helpful Advice To Keep Followers Loyal

When composing Tweets, mix in some interesting content that is not related to your brand, keeping customers up to date without oversaturating them with commercial messages. Do not hesitate to use the “shock and awe” campaign sometimes, posting a controversial Tweet that will get people talking and retweeting. Along the same lines, if your followers tweet interesting or thought-provoking information, retweet it. This develops a relationship with the initial tweeter and gives followers useful content.

Above all, always be natural. Being too “corporate” will cause followers to lose interest quickly. They would much rather hear from a company has a personality. Let this shine through in tweets in order to develop a connection with followers and build loyalty. The rewards will be many and long-lasting, so tweet away, friends!

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