Is Your Business Ready for Small Business Saturday?

//Is Your Business Ready for Small Business Saturday?

Easy Facebook Tips You Can Employ on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is scheduled for November 28 and is in its sixth year of existence. This day is set aside to encourage consumers to support their local businesses and it has been reported that over 80 million United States consumers took part in 2014, spending over $14 billion with small businesses. Social media is a great tool for small businesses to use, and this platform can become even more useful for Small Business Saturday – here are some tips for using the features on Facebook for Business.

Make it Easy for Consumers to Message You

While preparing for Small Business Saturday, it could be beneficial to turn on the page messaging feature for the business’s Facebook page. The page messaging feature will allow you to easily communicate with consumers and quickly and concisely answer their questions. When consumers receive immediate, valuable responses to their questions, they feel appreciated and are much more likely to consider shopping with your business, which could mean huge profits.

Used Saved Replies

While the days leading up to Small Business Saturday may be slow, making it easier to immediately reply to messages, the shopping day itself may make it too hard to compose those personal replies. This is when business owners can use the saved replied feature on their Facebook page – this will allow the page’s administrator’s to be able to handle the large volume of inquiries they may receive. Saved replies will allow you to create a template of responses for the most asked questions, such as store hours.

Take a Look at the Demographics of Local Consumers

Facebook recently introduced a feature called local insights, which allows business owners access to cumulative demographics of consumers who are in the area. This feature will produce trends for these consumers, such as the peak purchasing time, to help business owners better align their marketing and other aspects of their business to capture the most profits. These trends can also reveal when consumers are most likely to check their social media, allowing for targeted messaging.

Utilize Call to Action Buttons

Facebook for Business provides a number of call to action buttons that businesses can use in their messaging. Some of these buttons include “Contact Us,” “Send a Message,” and “Call Now.” Different calls to action will fit different messaging and situations, so it is important for business owners to consider their options and choose wisely when making a decision about which buttons to use. There are a number of alternatives available for each phrase, so do not limit yourself to just one or two.

Consider Using Local Awareness Ads

There is a call to action button called “Get Directions” that business owners often use to drive consumers to their brick and mortar locations. This can be very useful since many consumers will not consider shopping at a store until they know where it is located. Using this and other call to action buttons will make it very easy for consumers to get the information they want and need, which means they are much more likely to visit you during Small Business Saturday.

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