How to Create Your Own Blog Network for Article Marketing

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Entrepreneurs use a blog to increase their online presence. Those who really want to increase their search engine rankings should create a blog network. A variety of blogs containing useful content and strategically placed links can shoot a website to the top of search engine results lists for relevant keywords.

How to Start a Blog

The process begins with finding a blogging provider. WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and Tumblr are some of the most popular. These sites feature pre-made blog templates and simple publishing methods. Select a template, layout, and color scheme and personalize it by adding image, content, and features like buttons, reader comment boxes, and guest maps.

Set the blog to public so all Internet users have permission to read it. Create articles featuring relevant content and include the appropriate keywords. Publish these on the blog and encourage readers to leave comments by including a thought-provoking question or statement within the content. Comment on other blogs, adding your blog URL to the comment box so readers will visit your blog, increasing its visibility.

How to Create a Blog Network

Follow the instructions above to create a different blog for each aspect of the business, focusing on a unique set of keywords in each blog. Article content should vary from one blog to the next so readers will receive value from each blog in the network. If topics do not come easily, use the keywords as inspiration and develop a list of relevant topics to cover during the coming weeks, months, and years.

Create links from a blog to each of the other blogs and the company website. Links should not be reciprocal or the entire purpose will be defeated. For example, if you have four blogs, blog one should point to blogs two, three, and four but those three blogs should not point back to blog one. Each blog should point to the company website, but this site should never point back to the blogs. It is also extremely important not to merely stuff your content with keywords; it should be readable and informative content the readers will find useful.

Once you create a blog network and get into a regular routine, blogging will become second nature. It is a great way to share knowledge, opinions, and advice with people interested in what your company offers. As more people visit the blog and post comments, your company website will become more popular, increasing its position in the search engine results for relevant keywords. A highly visible website should receive more online traffic, increasing sales.

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