Learning how to use twitter is yet another way for consumers and businesses to increase their online presence. Any business that has not yet joined Twitter should do so immediately. Without a Twitter account, a company is failing to connect with over 200 million people, many of whom could be potential customers. It only takes 140 characters to compose a tweet, but these few words can get a company on the fast track to online domination.

Things to Keep in Mind When Learning How to Use Twitter

Though more than 65 million tweets are made on a daily basis, not all of them are effective, informative, or even logical. Establishing a relationship with prospects and customers using social networks like Twitter requires a unique approach. The process differs from traditional marketing because Twitter itself has unique aspects and businesses must know how to effectively use this tool to communicate with their target audience.

Companies new to Twitter should learn the best practices like retweeting, @ replies, and direct messaging. Keep in mind that if you include a URL in your tweet, it will count as 20 characters in the message. Even if you use a service like TinyURL, the programming still counts the URL as 20 characters. If you want to attract a specific audience, you might want to consider using hashtags in your tweet (we will publish more tips on this later).

Use Common Sense When Tweeting and Reap the Rewards

Rather than just tweeting for the sake of it, companies should use their 140 characters wisely. However, even the most enlightening tweets will not yield desired results if no one reads them. Tweets are publicly searchable but companies must first build a following from the target audience. Inviting everyone in the professional network to join Twitter and follow the business is a good first move. This can be done through company newsletters, email blasts, blogs, and website.

Employees should include a Twitter icon and link to the Twitter account in their email signature line and online marketing collateral. What they must always keep in mind is that social media like Twitter is about providing value and engaging in conversations. Tweets should contain information that the target audience finds valuable such as industry news and helpful advice or tips relevant to company products or services.

Followers must have a reason to remain engaged and participate. Conversational tweets encourage this, as do those that let the culture of the company and worker personalities shine through. A tweet that is witty, entertaining, or provides helpful advice is much more effective at increasing online presence than one that simply announces a new product or feature.

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