What is Squidoo?

Squidoo may be a silly name, but this online tool is all business. Anyone can use this Internet space to increase online exposure. The best part is, Squidoo is free and one person can create as many pages (called lenses) as desired. Businesses no longer have to pay to direct traffic to their blog or website. They can climb the search engine results lists without spending a single penny. This is an excellent way for small businesses to gain exposure with a target audience.

How to Market Your Website on Squidoo

Site owners use Squidoo lenses to increase their backlinks, as Squidoo has become a primary online source for information. A highly ranked Squidoo lens makes a website stronger and more visible in search engine results list. As more links owned by the business appear on the first page of search engine results, competitor sites slide down to pages two and lower, causing them to be visited less frequently. The business dominating page one continues to do so through increased traffic generated due to its coveted position.

Squidoo offers modules, widgets, and other features that authors may use to create an amazing lens. Readers are involved and entertained when content includes videos, polls, links to eBay and Amazon, and feedback options. They vote on lenses, making the most popular lenses more visible on Squidoo search engines.

How To Make Money on Squidoo

For business owners to make money on Squidoo, they must know what they are doing. Though Web design experience is not required, creativity and good writing skills are a must. Google AdWords advertisements incorporated into each lens by Squidoo result in a secondary stream of income for the lens creator. Some lens creators generate additional income by creating lenses en masse or using eBay or Amazon modules for affiliate earnings.

An even better way to make money is to create an excellent lens that is read by many people. By arousing interest in readers and directing them to the company website where they can purchase useful products or services, a company earns money from free online traffic. In addition, the site itself becomes more visible in search engine ranks, increasing traffic volume.

Benefits of Using Squidoo

Squidoo offers many benefits, one of which is fast lens indexing. Within just 48 hours, a lens may appear in a Google search results list. This is much faster than the several months many new websites must wait to become ranked by Google and other search engines. Google in particular loves Squidoo, placing a high value on its lenses. A properly created lens usually rises to the top of search results for its keywords.

The fact that Squidoo is free, yet also offers revenue sharing from advertisers makes it very appealing to site owners with small marketing budgets. Squidoo lenses can be combined with article marketing, another free online promotional tool, to get even more love from Google. Create some Squidoo lenses and reap the benefits for yourself.

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