Should I Be Worried About the Panda 3.9 Update?

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On July 25, Google released its latest update to Panda, one of its many algorithms used to rank content. Even before its release, online entrepreneurs were abuzz with the impact it would have. According to a recent Twitter post, Google representatives believe that approximately one percent of online searches will be affected by Panda 3.9. This gives those with low-quality websites reasons to quiver, while owners of sites featuring quality content should breathe a sigh of relief.

What Is Panda 3.9?

Panda 3.9 is the ninth version of the Panda algorithm, which made its debut in 2011. The algorithm was named after Google engineer Navneet Panda. Google released Panda as part of an initiative to improve online user experience. The algorithm was designed to eliminate websites with low-quality content from Google search results, improving the quality of these results for users.

Soon after the initial version of Panda was released, many keyword-stuffed, poorly written websites and content farms faded into online oblivion, never again appearing on Google search results lists. According to Google, Panda initially impacted approximately 12 percent of online searches. Google has regularly updated the algorithm, releasing Panda 3.8 on June 25, just one month before Panda 3.9 debuted.

The Effect of Panda 3.9

When Google released Panda 3.9, it included a link to its guide for creating high-quality websites. Site owners who follow the guide should not have anything to fear regarding Panda 3.9. In fact, Panda algorithm changes can positively affect website rankings for those who adhere to the guidelines. Sites that do not are likely to be negatively affected. This impact includes lack of visibility for the site, which equates to reduced sales figures.

Google points out that website owners should not consider search engine optimization (SEO) their enemy. By using SEO effectively, Web pages become easier to locate and websites become more crawlable by search engine spiders. Google changes its search algorithms to simplify and elevate the online search experience. The goal is to help people find websites filled with useful information, not stuffed with keywords to achieve a high search ranking.

The massive search engine also wants website owners to benefit from search algorithms like Panda 3.9. Google believes that site owners should be rewarded for keeping content fresh and informative. Each change to Panda creates search results that include higher-quality sites. Website owners who focus on both search algorithms and users should benefit from Panda 3.9.

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